What Apps Can You Run on Android Go?

The Android Go operating system is designed to provide a smooth experience on low-end smartphones. It includes optimized versions of Google apps that are up to 50% lighter than their regular versions. This means they should work seamlessly on devices with limited RAM and storage space. The Google Play Store is also compatible with Android Go smartphones, so you can install any app from there as long as you have enough RAM.

Some of the best lightweight Android Go apps include Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, Gallery Go, Instagram Lite, Google Go, and Google Maps Go. Google Go offers the best of the standard Google search application while keeping the app size and data usage low. It also helps to suggest to customers the best apps that can work perfectly on their devices and to improve their encounters. Android Go apps are designed to open up to 15% faster than regular Android software.

This makes them ideal for users in developing countries, but any performance-conscious Android user from all over the world can download and use them. You can use the camera to learn new words, translate signs into a new language, or enjoy the whole scenery with a camera that keeps details sharp and colors vibrant. With storage tips, there's room to capture more. To find out how much budget is required to develop these apps, read the post to determine the cost of the Android application.

To learn how to start your Android Go app, read the full guide on how to submit your app to the Google Play Store.

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