How to Upgrade to Android 12 on Your Device

Are you looking to upgrade your device to the latest version of Android? If you have a compatible Google Pixel device, you can easily check and update your version of Android to receive Android 12 wirelessly. In most cases, you don't need to fully reset your data to move to Android 12, but it's recommended to back up your data before installing the new version. Android 12 makes everything on your phone easy and simple, allowing you to start playing without having to wait for it to fully download and even transfer your data to a new Android phone without any problems.Android 12 is now available for download on Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy and other phones. It's a pretty big update that offers a lot of features, such as a renewed design language no matter what Android phone you have, Material You theme options on the Pixel, and new privacy options.

As for Android 13, Google officially released the update in mid-August for Pixel 4, 4a (5G), 5, 5a, 6, 6 Pro and Pixel 6a. Older phones are not suitable for this and will continue to use Android 12 or an earlier version.To check if your device is compatible with Android 12, go to the home screen and swipe up to see your apps. The next screen will check for an update and show you what it contains. In the style of Android 12L and iPad OS, adjust the MiUI experience for foldable devices with larger screens.

Asus has announced plans for Android 12 on the Asus ZenFone 8, the ZenFone 8 Flip, the ROG Phone 5, the ROG Phone 5S, the Zenfone 7 and the ROG Phone 3.Eventually, all of the high-end Android phones and most of the mid-range phones from last year should have Android 12, but it may take a while.One of the best features of Android 12 is that it allows you to play while you download, so you can jump straight to the game without having to wait for the full download to finish. While most of its competitors have been issuing updates to Android 12 for a long time, Motorola seems to be in no hurry. ASUS was one of the few companies that released an actual release date for Android 12 and kept its promises. All models sold in Europe will be updated to Android 12, but Vivo says that this schedule only applies to devices with unoperated channels.Android 11, Sony, OnePlus and Xiaomi participated in the betas and got the final version when it became available or soon after.

Most manufacturers won't announce update deadlines until after the release of Android 12, and we expect these announcements to be made in the very near future. However, since April, Motorola's Android 12 updates have fallen again in a moment of calm, and only a couple of phones such as the G40 Fusion and Moto G Stylus (202) have received it. Realme will release Android 12 as part of the RealMe UI 3.0 update and there are many devices that will benefit from it.All Pixel devices returning to Pixel 3 will have Android 12 on launch day along with some Android One partners. For the first time Google didn't do what was expected and began releasing Pixels along with removing source code from Android 12.Most manufacturers have shared some kind of plan with respect to Android 12 so keep reading to find out when you can expect an update on your phone.

Then it surprised us by releasing Android 12 on T-Mobile's LG V60 ThinQ version even though it never promised to do so.

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