Is Android 12 the Best Version Yet?

Android 12 is a major update from Google, with a brand new look and a focus on privacy. The Material You theme system is a great way to customize your phone, and the rounded aesthetic is a nice touch. Android 12 is Google's most ambitious effort yet, and it has managed to deliver many of the key features. The design review of Material You offers a fresh vision of what was becoming a stale aesthetic, and the focus on customization means that you can now configure your phone to your liking.

Android 12 is Google's latest mobile operating system, and although it looks similar to Android 11, it offers new features and performance fixes to help your phone run at its best. The update first came to Google Pixel phones, including the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, and has since started to be implemented on other Android phones. There is rarely a new version of the Android operating system that isn't better than its predecessor. For most of the machine learning functions on the device that exist in Android 12, Google is turning to the private computing core.

Google has also further improved its confidential location permission, since it has made it much more detailed in Android 10 and 11.The design changes may not be to everyone's liking, but this is a big step forward for Google and Android. The third-party beta program is a way to put Android 12 in the hands of users who don't have pixels, and the initial versions offer a basic Android interface. The result is Google's most buggy beta program to date, and even later beta versions of Android 12 include bugs that break phones. Since Google just made the energy menu more powerful (sorry) with the previous version of Android, it's a decision I can't understand.

I would say that the fit and finish of Android 12 are more polished than any other version at the time of release, except for an annoying bug with its widget at a glance at the top of the home screen, which didn't show the weather or any other important calendar or traffic data during the beta, nor can it be turned off completely. Android 12 isn't an update that tries to change the way you use your phone, nor should it be.With its updated user interface, Android is even more pleasant to use and it has never been easier to switch from an alternative operating system to Android 12.A practical experience with the beta software released by XDA Developers shows that Samsung's version of Android 12 doesn't seem to have the same dynamism as Google's treatment of Pixel phones. At a glance, Android 12 is more customizable and personalized for you, and focuses more on performance and privacy than Android 11.Android 12 includes many useful additions, such as scrollable screenshots, better link sharing in Chrome, easy Wi-Fi sharing, and more. Material You's rounded corners and colorful designs give the interface a fresh new look, and there are enough quirky elements here to make Android 12 fun.

In addition to that, there are several settings that add to the Android experience, even if Apple or other Android OEMs beat Google.The latest version of Android features the biggest visual redesign in Google's history and offers an exhaustive list of new features.

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