The Mysterious Android 21: Is She a Majin or an Android?

Android 21 is the mysterious main antagonist of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Created by Dr. Gero, she is an android with an intellect that rivals or even surpasses his own. However, unlike most Red Ribbon androids, 21 was once human until her husband, Dr.

Gero, turned her into an android. With 4 slots above her Ki meter that fill up every time she gets one of her commands, Android 21 has access to new moves that make her even more lethal than before. Although the good part of Android 21 is aware of the fact that her human template was the mother of the Android 16 template, she admits that she has little or no memory of her previous life as a human. Even after implementing all these evil plans, Android 21 seems to be a good person at heart.

In Android 21 Arc, when the waves inhibit her, she teams up with androids 17, 18 and 16 to defeat Cell, even after he has been drastically strengthened by the artificial soul implanted in him. Their gluttonous lust to devour powerful fighters is similar to the traits of the Majins, inherited when Buu's cells were added to it. Like Buu, Android 21 is capable of transforming objects or living beings by shooting an energy beam at the target, which usually turns them into sweets or other sweet foods to satisfy their voracious hunger. In addition, her good side appears as an independent character, representing both the transformed Android 21 with its good side in control and its good vision.

Because of its biology, Android 21 has a natural, compulsive instinct to eat (which went out of control because the cells in her body went crazy). In its true form, Android 21 keeps its body curvy, its skin turns pink, its hair takes on a paler shade of pink, its ears become pointy, its eyes change depending on whether its evil half takes hold and gains a tail. So is Android 21 a Majin or an android? The answer is both! With her human template being the mother of the Android 16 template and Majin cells added to it, Android 21 is a unique combination of both. Her gluttonous lust for powerful fighters and ability to transform objects or living beings into sweets are traits inherited from Majins while her intellect and access to new moves make her an android like no other.

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