What is the Difference Between Android 10 and Android Go?

Android Go is a reduced version of the operating system, designed to work on low-end devices. It has fewer pre-installed applications and access to “lite” or “Go” versions of Google apps, such as Google Maps Go and Gmail Go. These apps are lightweight and simple, consuming at least 50% less memory than regular Android apps. With Android 10 (Go edition), Google has made the operating system faster and more secure.

It focuses largely on speed, with a 10 percent faster launch than Android 9 Go, as well as a more efficient application change in terms of memory. The interface is different from the main version of Android, with a quick configuration panel that gives greater importance to battery, mobile data limit and available storage information. The menu of recent applications is limited to four applications to reduce RAM consumption. Adiantum encryption has been created by Google for entry-level smartphones.

More than 500 manufacturers have released more than 1600 models of Android devices (Go edition) in more than 180 countries. Updates will depend on the manufacturer and the national operator, so not all Android Go phones will have the latest version of Android 10 (Go Edition). The move from Google is a blessing for all those Android users who cannot afford expensive Android devices with a large size of RAM.

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