Does Android Auto Track Your Location?

Do you know that Google can track your location and movements through its Google Maps application? But you might not be aware that your Android phone also tracks your activities and movements through several other built-in apps. In this article, we'll discuss how Android Auto uses the vehicle's GPS system to obtain location information, how to enable automatic deletion of your data, and how to turn off tracking. What is Android Auto?Android Auto is a platform developed by Google that allows you to access essential information while driving without having to touch your phone. It is placed as a layer on top of the car's existing system as soon as you connect it, so you can continue to access both systems.

You can tap the screen to control Android Auto in car systems that offer touch technology, which is now the majority. How Does Android Auto Track Your Location?Google states that Android Auto uses the vehicle's GPS system to obtain location information and checks if it's in Park or Drive to enable some features. You can get real-time alerts with Google Maps, Waze and more from your favorite mapping apps. You can also ask Google Assistant to search for gas along the way, check the availability of electric vehicle charging, or reserve a parking reservation for when you arrive.

Everything will be displayed on your car's dashboard screen, which will help you learn more about what's nearby.Mileage Tracking with Automatic StartMileage tracking with automatic start will track mileage automatically. You can identify the best mileage tracking option for you and customize your mileage tracker. This feature can be very useful since it's practical when an application can tell you where nearby restaurants or gas stations are.How to Enable Automatic Deletion of Your DataIf you don't want to worry about deleting your stuff manually, you can enable automatic deletion in each category (you'll see the option within each category on the Activity Controls page). If you really don't want your phone to track any of your movements and activities, there's a way to turn off tracking all (well, most) of them.How to Turn Off TrackingIf you're using Android 12, look for the “Location Services” button; otherwise, find the “Advanced” button and tap it.

More and more brands and models of vehicles and phones support wireless connections to Android Auto. For these instructions, I've used a Pixel 6 phone running Android 12, but I've included some instructions for those with older versions of Android.ConclusionAndroid Auto has the ability to make your dumb car smarter or to familiarize yourself with your already intelligent car. Depending on the car you have and how the options are organized, there is the possibility of saving money if you use Android Auto instead of an expensive upgrade to the car manufacturer's satellite navigator. Yes, the level of integration in your car may be different, but as phones become smarter than cars fairly quickly, Android Auto keeps getting better and better.

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